Humanhood - Rudi Cole and Julia Robert - After having worked as professional dancers for different choreographers including Akram Khan and Jasmin Vardimon in 2009, they started creating together in 2014 and founded Humanhood in 2016. During the initial practice, they developed a unique symbiotic and fluid choreographic language that lies at the core of their work. 

Inspired by Western physics and Eastern mysticism, bringing the wonders of both perspectives under the artistic approach and physical discovery. Their work is shaped by constant inquiry on the human experience, looking for the underlying processes within our cosmos and consciousness.

During the past 3 years, They developed HumanhoodPractice, their teaching methodology. Inspired by Qi-gong and Tai-chi practices, together with Humanhood’s movement vocabulary, the sessions are focused on the state of mind, grounded movements, breath & rhythm. HumanhoodPractice is being taught in the UK and Europe with continuous sold-out workshops.

Recent works include Orbis, outdoor duet commissioned by Without Walls touring the UK and EU including GDIF. ZERO, premiering in 2016, is being performed around the UK, Europe, and Asia, including The Patrick Centre (Birmingham), Daegu Dance Festival (S.Korea) & Hiroshima (Barcelona). 

During 2018 they will be researching and creating their first group production Torus, a work for 7 dancers to be premiered in February 2019. 

- Torus will be a physical, mental and spiritual process, generating compositions where the parties form a complex organism in movement. Its dramaturgy will be based on rhythm, playing with the perception of Time, through the movement of both the dancers and the live percussionist.

Trailer of TORUS

HumanhoodPractice workshop with live music from EIF, Alex Forster,Azizi Cole