Fleeting moments of connection across crowded carriages, a glance when your eyes meet, a moment of meaning and then a moment passed.

You may have experienced a similar moment with someone, maybe at a bus stop, on a busy commute or with a passing glance from a train.

It begins the story that we want to share.

"Incidental" is an immersive event exploring the dichotomy of isolation in an increasingly connected world. Only partly directed, musicians and artists interweave improvisations with a moving narrative that allows such incidental encounters to unfold on stage.

"Incidental" is a new interrelated arts theatre piece, devised by pianist / composer Melissa Morris and photographer / writer Marcin Sz. 

"Incidental" brings together an ensemble of the finest musicians, dancers and artists to offer a unique concert experience of songs, spontaneity and improvisation. 

Steve Tromans Grand Piano 1
Melissa Morris Grand Piano 2 
Suzie Purkis Singer
Linnéa Markgren Choir Director
Dani Blanco Albert Trumpet 
Robin Jax Electric Guitar
Kamil Jan&Kam Bogus /Samples / Electronic Music 
Martin Green Live Curation
Laura Vanhulle & Johnny Autin from Autin Dance Theatre
Anna Greta Writer
Anna Katarzyna Domejko Design
Magdalena Jasiak Art Installations
Emilia Moniszko Visual Art
Jed Arnold Cowdell Video Documentation
Tom Peel Sound Recording

All photos by Room Art