On Sunday 13th of August 2017, EIF were invited to play at STRYX art gallery in Digbeth, Birmingham. They curated the music for an original art piece /RECEPTION/. 


On this occasion, they embarked on a different approach, far from their usual style. Working alongside friend and professional jazz musician Xhosa Cole, they performed a moving improvisation using sampling techniques, drum machine, and jazz flute. No one knew what to expect, as their two styles had previously never been combined...


Following their great success, /RECEPTION/ can soon be viewed in a book (available soon at the Roomart.org) with the album called "Autumn Conversations" available in all major digital stores.


Noise and silence. 
Crowd and loneliness. 
Two photographers.

Two viewpoints.

Two forms. 
Dualism. Synergism. Reception.

All photos by MarcinSz

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