Project 02

EIF - Pejzaż dźwieku/Soundscapes

Directed by Quy Sam
Edited by Seth Morley and Quy N. Sam
D.O.P. and Visuals by Seth Morely and Quy N. Sam
Sound Design by EIF

Quy N. Sam being a DJ has always been fascinated with a new music and the exchange of ideas and culture between musicians of tomorrow’s generation. He has been following Kamil Ilcewicz & Kamil Bogusławski philosophy in music for many years. Soundscapes is a profound journey told through the cinematic and directing lens of Quy N. Sam. Capturing the rhythm and colour of nature to make music… These sounds are the birth of EIF melodies. Each piece has a dedication to natural textures mixed with instruments, trippy melodies mixed with deep bass and broken beats. Watch it here.