Eisodos is an immersive audiovisual experience with a live performance during the private view. The project is a collaboration between visual artist Paris-Ch ( www.paris-ch.com , www.kimonosartcenter.com ), visual artist Stelios Ilchouk, experimental electronic duo EIF, violinist and conductor Thomas Payne and mezzo-soprano Magdalena Ardelli. The post-internet era art environment includes hand pulled silk-screened wallpaper, light installation projections and atmospheric sound-scapes from the composers of the auditory aspect. They will perform live on Friday 7/7/17 as part of Digbeth First Friday at Centrala gallery Birmingham UK. Visually the installation explores mesmeric opticial effects through geometric abstraction and Op-Art. Conceptually the artwork explores Idealist philosophy and the Idea of reality as an objective experience as a construction of the mind. The title Eisodos (greek for entrance) was chosen both for its literal connotation and for its metaphorical meaning of entering and altered state of mind or the subconscious as this artwork intends to do.

"ERR" is a collaborative project between visual artist Paris-Ch. and electronic duo EIF. The aim of the collaboration is to create a contemporary work of art which explores ​​illusion as an inherent property of vision and visual representation.

The project is a series of site-specific installations consisted of geometric abstract art elements, digital sound applications and live experimental electronic music performances, that are in an interactive correspondence with each other and with the audience. It therefore aims at a multi-sensory experience for the viewer, one that could help him to infiltrate the ambiguities of the image and to potentially challenge, temporarily, the very notion of ​​reality.

The interaction in 'ERR' which sometimes occurs between the viewer, the digital sound applications and sometimes between live music performance and visual art aims to reinforce the illusory dimension of the work as an attempt to intensify both the scope of raising distrust and the pleasure associated with it, achieved by the mind's attempt to bridge the distance between art and reality.