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SKYLINE (single)

Self Released


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E I F and Xhosa Cole "Autumn Conversations"


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Released on Bit-Phalanx label

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Eclectic, electronic music producers EIF have been working out of Birmingham UK for the last decade. In recent years they have had huge successes, as their sought after producing style has captured the hearts and ears of some of the city’s most renowned musicians.


From soundtracks to remixes, art installations to festivals​,​ and their never the same live sets across Europe, EIF have had a busy few years since their first official release of mini-album ‘Away From Here And Now’ on London’s Bit-Phalanx Records in 2016, followed by ‘Human Animal’ EP in 2018.


Working with many well-known vocalists and musicians​, including the​ likes of Xhosa Cole, BBC’s Young Jazz Musician of the Year 2019, ​when an afternoon jam session with hot coffee and ​warm beats resulted in the album ‘Autumn Conversations’​ released in​​ 2018.


Their works include electronica, neo-classical, ambient, electro-acoustic, world music, and often their clean-cut beats and unlikely instrumentation cannot fit into any known genre, yet it is ​exceptional in its ability to engage and intrigue the listener. Focusing on compositional structures and full frequency productions, EIF’s specialist sound design creates a unique experience.


Using field recordings and gaining influence from the world around them, this alternative duo produced and co-directed the documentary ‘Soundscapes’​,​ a visual story of how they create their compositions. In 2019​,​ EIF wrote and produced the soundtrack for International dance company Humanhood​,​ with the exceptional creation ​that is​ ‘Torus’.


With 2016 ​to​ 2019 full of international performances​,​ the duo’s next chapter focus​es​ on the release of the ​numerous innovative projects they are currently creating. The first part of 2020 is set to be very exciting​,​ with ​the self-release single ‘Skyline’ in March and ‘Mutation’ on Erbium Records in April​.​


photo by Quy N. Sam


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